Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
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Frank Elmhurst might look like an ordinary family man from Oregon, but he just committed an extraordinary act of heroism that is going to completely restore your faith in humanity: Last night Frank ran 40 miles from his home to the nearest hospital to tell doctors that he once saw a boy kiss a moth.

Looks like we’re dealing with an extremely special person who will resort to any means necessary in order to help another human being.


Frank’s breathtaking act of heroism occurred last evening while he was eating dinner with his family. According to his wife and two children, Frank stopped eating abruptly in the middle of the meal, told his family that he “just remembered an old emergency,” and proceeded to run nearly two marathons’ worth of distance to the closest hospital to tell them that in 1995 he had seen a boy kiss a moth and that the moth probably had germs and that the boy probably needed to live in the hospital for the rest of his life.

Doctors who were in the emergency room at the time say that Frank burst breathlessly into the hospital room and screamed, “I saw a bad thing a long time ago!” before proceeding to recount to them in detail about how he was driving his car and looked at the side of the road and saw a boy on the side of the road and the boy kissed a moth and Frank screamed and the boy looked at Frank and then kissed the moth a second time and then ran away into the woods.

Frank also told the doctors that as soon as he saw the boy kiss the moth, he immediately started honking his car horn and yelling at the boy that he was going to get “diseases and rabies,” which is information the doctors simply would not have known if Frank hadn’t undertaken his heroic act of endurance and crossed 40 miles of mountain trails and back roads to reach the hospital to tell them all about the boy he saw put his lips on a moth in a romantic way 22 years ago.

Thanks to this selfless act of courage, doctors now know about the boy who kissed a moth several decades ago. They have this information and can use it however they want, and it’s all thanks to Frank Elmhurst!


This is the kind of story about bravery and selflessness that you think only happens in the movies, but Frank just proved that if you have a big enough heart and good enough memory of boys that you saw French a moth right on the lips, then anything is possible.

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