Heartbreaking: This Karaoke Place Doesn’t Have The One Song This Guy Can Really Knock Out Of The Park

You might want to read this one sitting down, because this is definitely the most heartbreaking news you’ll see all day.

Charlie Nguyen was looking forward to spending this evening at a karaoke bar with some friends from work. It was all going so well until the night took a sudden, tragic turn: The karaoke place he and his buddies went to doesn’t have the one song he knows he can absolutely nail.


Simply devastating. No one deserves to experience something this horrible.

After frantically searching the song catalog from top to bottom, Charlie was forced to conclude that the karaoke place didn’t have Deep Blue Something’s “Breakfast At Tiffany’s,” the one song he could be confident was solidly in his vocal range. To make matters worse, it’s also the only song that he already knew all the words to by heart, and he had really been hoping to use that to his advantage by letting loose with a little hip dance during the chorus.

Now it seems that those dreams have been dashed.

It’s amazing how it only takes one moment to change everything. Instead of pointing playfully at his coworkers while singing harmony on the bridge, it looks like Charlie will have to settle for joining in on the group rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama,” a song he doesn’t even like that much.


What an unfathomable tragedy. Our hearts go out to you, Charlie!

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