Big feminine-product companies like Tampax and Playtex have dominated the menstrual market for years, selling tampons and pads that are not only uncomfortable, but also costly. Thankfully, though, one incredible NYC-based startup is actually designing period protection that women want: Yep, Thinx just released a new ultra-absorbent period bench you can bleed into for up to 24 hours!

Hell yes!! This changes everything!!

Thinx’s incredible new 6-foot-long, stain-proof period bench is designed to eliminate pesky leaks that can creep through tampons and pads, only to leave a giant red splotch on the chair you’ve been sitting on. The bench is made of super absorbent materials that can accommodate a light-to-medium menstrual flow, and it’s covered in a moisture-wicking Lycra surface, so you can bleed onto it all you want without leaving a stain!


Whether you’re at school, at work, or hanging out with friends, all you have to do is drag your 60-pound, wrought-iron-enforced period bench with you to sit on, and you’re totally covered. Just throw it in your trunk or lug it with you on the bus for all-day, all-night anywhere protection from annoying period accidents.

Your move, tampon companies!!

With the period bench’s antimicrobial properties, Thinx says you can sit on it for a full 24 hours without getting up and not have to worry about getting a pesky bacterial infection. Plus, you can wave goodbye to your stained sheets, because the high-density, extra-thick cushions are both big enough and comfortable enough to sleep on through the night, totally leak free!


So far, Thinx customers love the fact that these benches look and feel exactly like any other public benches, and come in a variety of styles, including park bench, courthouse bench, or piano bench. And while the period bench is not cheap by even luxury furniture standards, it’s reusable, so women can wipe it down with a wet cloth or hose it off in the backyard and end up saving tons of money.

In fact, the bench is so versatile that apparently some women even choose to sit on it when they’re NOT on their period! Ladies, this is what we call a win!

Yep, we think this innovation pretty much rules. Looking back, how did we ever survive our periods without this perfect, incredible bench? Thank you, Thinx!