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Ah, Jen Larry! The Shrieking Star of the Queen’s Parade! You love her, and so here are pictures of her that let you be close to her face!

1. Here is sweet Jen Larry being famous, just the way you like it!


2. Online and at the cinema, Jen Larry is the one to see! Here she is as Blue Costume from the X-Man movie you love to watch!

3. Even when the sun goes down, there is simply no escape from Jen Larry. Here she is haunting the midnight hour and shrieking for no reason in the foul company of the Night Jester! What a dream this must be for you to look at!


4. From her feet all the way down to her shoes, Jen Larry is the cream of the steam. Here’s Jen Larry and Don Draper standing together at Babe Ruth’s funeral! Au revoir, Bambino!


5. We know you love the famous Jen Larry woman with all of your guts and brain. You are probably asleep and dreaming about Jen Larry right now! Here is Mrs. Jen Larry herself as none other than her famous character named Frequent Problems from the very long movie called Hungry Fun. Thank you for loving all of these sweet pics!

Via Lionsgate

6. Yes! It is so beautiful to know for sure that this is a picture of Jen Larry the adult woman holding the Stanley Cup at last! You were rooting so hard for the Jen Larry girl to win the Stanley Cup, and when Jen Larry finally got her wet hands on the Stanley Cup you screamed so loud that your neighbor thought you were getting eaten by 1,000 dogs. What a happy memory this was for you!


7. Here it is, the final nectar-sweet photo of the beautiful, sour angel named Jen Larry. She is the Sultan of Famous, and you crave glimpses of her face. You yearn to be near the Jen Larry woman from film and cinema, and you would murder every person you’ve ever heard of just for the chance to smell a rock that Jen Larry has looked at. It’s wonderful to understand that these photographs of Jen Larry delight you, and in 100 years you will tell your grandchildren, “I was there to see the photographs of sweet Jen Larry, the Pharaoh of Glamorous Situations.” And then you will finally die of old age, and though your body will turn into mud, your mind will live on forever, slumbering eternally and dreaming endless dreams of Jen Larry, the Shrieking Star of the Queen’s Parade. Amen.


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