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Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Daisy Ridley

Having gone from relative obscurity to being the face of the biggest film franchise on the planet, Daisy Ridley has had a dizzying few years. Before she reprises her role as Rey later this month in the highly anticipated ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi,’ we sat down with Ridley to discuss her overnight stardom, the pressures of being Rey, and how she has adjusted to life in the ‘Star Wars’ universe.

1. You deleted your Instagram account last year. What went into that decision?

There were some aspects of Instagram that I really loved, but in the end I was just getting too many comments from George Lucas sharing new Star Wars ideas he had. I love and respect George, but it was honestly getting stressful, whether he was saying, “Rey becomes morbidly obese but luckily it doesn’t limit her mobility due to space gravity,” or, “Rey unnecessarily cuts off her hand so she can fit in with Luke,” or even, “Admiral Ackbar must be neutered.” I mean, he hasn’t been involved in the writing with these new films and I know he just wants to have some input, but it was a little much for me.


2. Before being cast in The Force Awakens, you were virtually unknown as an actor. How daunting was it to have your first major role be a lead in such a storied franchise?

It was daunting for sure, but it was reassuring knowing I had such strong, badass female characters from previous Star Wars installments I could look to as examples, like the sarlacc and the AT-ATs.

3. What was it like your first day working on the The Force Awakens?

I was so incredibly nervous, but it ended up being utterly magical. The moment I walked on set, I saw Yoda using BB-8 as a Sybian, his wrinkly green little body writhing and squealing with pleasure as J.J. Abrams heartily applauded. Only then did it sink in that I was really in a Star Wars movie.


4. The Star Wars franchise boasts some of the most loyal fans in the world. As a relatively new member of the family, what has surprised you most about the fans?

I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but when I first signed on, I thought Star Wars fans were mostly just nerds. But I’ve now learned there are also some dweebs and dinguses, too.


5. Was it intimidating to do scenes with an icon like Mark Hamill?

Not at all. Mark Hamill is a shook bitch. He doesn’t take a piss without asking my permission first.


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