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Well, this is the most beautiful story you’re going to hear all day. Trevor Melrose and Ashley Lambert have been dating for six years, and they wanted to take the plunge and finally get married. There was only one problem: Weddings can be expensive. Like, really expensive. Trevor and Ashley weren’t sure how they would be able to afford it.

That’s when something incredible happened: The popular Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle found out about Trevor and Ashley’s dilemma, and they offered to do it for nothing more than a single favor from the happy couple at an undisclosed point in the future!



Chipotle has really done something special for Trevor and Ashley. Just look how happy they are!

If this doesn’t restore your faith in humanity, then you clearly have no soul. We’re sure that Trevor and Ashley will be ready to repay Chipotle by any means necessary when their day of reckoning comes.


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