Seventeen-year-old Haley McClerndon may have died over a year and a half ago, but thanks to some incredible supporters, her spirit will never be forgotten. Friends and strangers on the internet have banded together to keep her memory alive, and by the looks of it, they’re not stopping anytime soon: 18 months after her death, Haley is still getting sexually charged messages on Instagram!

Haley was taken from us too soon, but it’s beautiful to see how the world remembers her.


A former star English student and MVP on her high school’s varsity lacrosse team, Haley lives on in her Instagram account, which still receives hundreds of lustful comments and direct messages from followers each month. Even after her death, devoted users from all over the internet refuse to let her fade into obscurity and never fail to post statements like “hey baby” and “i’d tear you up” beneath her old photos almost every single day.

Although the account has not posted a new photo in over 18 months, the young men who comment on her every post with the emoji with the tongue sticking out are determined to help her memory live on. Even a family photo of Haley at a piano concert was met with “damn I wish I was that piano bench” and “let me know if you wanna play me ;)” from dozens of boys and men, some of whom never even knew Haley personally.

Wow. Even in death, Haley has the power to touch people’s lives.

To this day, men continue to message Haley with orders like “show ur feet next time” or “u down to hook up??” and their incredible public displays show no signs of slowing. While there’s no way this can be an easy time for her family, we hope these men from all over the internet at least bring them some solace.