All you big Meemaw fans out there are going to want to listen up, because this is some of the best news imaginable: They found Meemaw down by the creek, and she’s been safely returned to the insane asylum.

Big Meemaw-heads remember exactly where they were when they heard that Meemaw had snuck out of St. Friedrich’s Center for the Mentally Insane after arts and crafts earlier today by stuffing pillows under her covers to make it look like she was napping. But now that she has been sedated down by the creek and has been wheeled back to the insane asylum, everyone can breathe that big sigh of relief! Darling Meemaw is in her room now strapped to her favorite chair, a Russian opera record is turned up very loud, and soon this whole thing will be behind us.


Meemaw said she would never go back, but thank god she was wrong!

Fans will be happy to know that the asylum is going to give her enough electroshock therapy to make her not love the creek so much. Tonight is quiet time and Meemaw will be able to get some rest, and then she will be back and better than ever. And here’s some bonus good news: The bald man at the asylum that Meemaw is scared of is standing by her at all times now to make sure she stays inside the asylum where it’s safe.

Yes, being a fan of Meemaw can be stressful, but seeing her safe and sound makes it all worth it! Everyone better be calling the insane asylum every day to see when Meemaw can have visitors again, because in her room and taking her pills is where she’s at her best!

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