Milestone For Equality: Researchers Say That, For The Most Part, It Seems Like Everyone Has Refrigerators Now

Widening class disparity has plagued the United States for decades on end, but according to an encouraging new study, all of that might be about to change! In what is being hailed as a major milestone for equality, a team of researchers at Harvard Business School recently found that, for the most part, it seems like everyone has refrigerators now.

Finally, some good news!

“At this point in time, it certainly seems like every single American, no matter what part of the country they live in, likely has at least one working fridge of some size in their home,” said lead researcher Dr. Joanna Christianson. “It would be pretty weird for someone not to have a fridge in 2016—and that’s a promising sign for our country.”


According to the team, researchers first knew they had hit on something big when they realized there is a pretty good chance that rich people have fridges, poor people have fridges, and, probably, so does almost everyone else in between.

The report does allow for the possibility that some Americans do not have fridges, but it points out that it’s likely very few people, because just try to think about going into a house and there isn’t at least one refrigerator in there. It’s hard to do. And here’s even more good news from the report: Of these potential Americans without a refrigerator, most of them probably have at least one friend who owns one.

“In America, though, you can walk into any house and probably find either a nice fridge in the kitchen, an old fridge in the basement, or a small fridge in the garage,” explained Christianson. “It’s hard not to be optimistic about this country when, seemingly, we all have fridges.”

Now this is the kind of news to stand up and cheer about!


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