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Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Illustration for article titled Mom Of The Year: When This Woman Learned Her Son Was Getting Made Fun Of At School, She Banished Him To A Mountain So His Bullies Couldn’t Find Him

Here’s one mom who’s showing us all how it’s done. Margo Lyons is the kind of woman who would do anything to protect her children. So when she heard that her 14-year-old son, Derek, was getting teased at school, Margo wouldn’t stand for it. Instead, she took action, banishing him to a remote mountain so his bullies couldn’t find him.

What an incredible thing for a mother to do for her son!

As soon as Derek told her that some of the older kids at his school were picking on him, Margo knew what she had to do. That night, she drove with Derek far into the wilderness, took him to the foot of a towering mountain, pointed to the summit, and issued one final instruction: “Go. The hills are your home now. You are banished.”


Yes! Lyons Family: 1; Bullies: 0.

In true supermom fashion, Margo even thought to pack her son some basic provisions for the winter, including bread, salted meat, and a thick coat bearing the Mark of the Pariah. With his mother watching, Derek set off alone knowing that he was finally free to be himself and that he must never, under any circumstance, return.

Well, this is one mama who really cares about her cub! And by providing Derek with no way to contact the outside world, the odds of his aggressors locating him within the dense, mountainous labyrinth of his new home are basically zilch. Job well done, Mrs. Lyons, and on behalf of moms and kids everywhere, we salute you!

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