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OMG Too Cute: This Weiner Dog And Potbelly Pig That Became BFFs After Eating Their Dead Owner Is Everything

Meet Rumple the weiner dog. She’s just your average pup, except, oh, we forgot to mention, her best friend just happens to be an adorable potbelly pig named Marvin! This unlikely pig/pup duo are BFFs and have been pretty much inseparable ever since they ate their dead owner a couple months ago.

Cuteness. Overload.

By nature, Rumple and Marvin are both a tad territorial, so they didn’t exactly get along when they first met. But something magical happened when their owner, Henry Schreiner, unexpectedly passed away and they began to feast on his corpse together: The two animals formed a deep emotional bond and the two have been inseparable ever since! The change in their relationship has been incredible, and now this lovable pupper and her potbelly pig companion are never more than a couple feet from each other, playing tug-of-war with Henry’s femur or curling up for a snooze inside of the very same ribcage they stripped the flesh off of on that wonderful day when they first became friends.


It’s literally the best to watch Rumple jump out from the tattered remnants of Henry’s basketball shirt to surprise Marvin. And if Rumple ever starts whimpering, her piggy friend will dig up his favorite section of Henry’s spine and give it to her to smell and play with! They might be two completely different species, but ever since they consumed Henry’s carcass, they’ve always had each other’s backs.

Yup, it’s safe to say that this hoggo and doggo are gonna remain the definition of friendship goals long after all that remains of the man they ate is a few scattered sun-bleached bones. It’s seriously ridiculous how cute they are! The amazing story of Rumple the dog and Marvin the pig is a story that is gonna make us smile all day.

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