Our Best 65 Guesses As To What The Hanging Tennis Ball In Garages Is For

It’s got to be one of these.

  1. A reminder about tennis
  2. Coyote trap
  3. Tiny speed bag
  4. Toy for a tall cat
  5. Garage ballast
  6. The house’s uvula
  7. The sun in an in-progress garage model of the solar system
  8. Awful birdhouse
  9. A prank on Federer
  10. Sauce dipping practice
  11. Flood storage for a tennis ball
  12. Secret egg
  13. Natural growth
  14. Goat feeder
  15. Fixed point for sonar
  16. Car treat
  17. Peace offering to garage thieves
  18. Some kind of anglerfish-type deal
  19. Expert-level anal bead
  20. Blowdart target for practice on tiny heads
  21. Sundial prototype
  22. Bouncing
  23. Spare tennis ball
  24. Spare string
  25. Storage place for one bullet or coin
  26. Companion for the cars
  27. To let people know they’re in a garage and not just a garage-smelling room
  28. Silent babysitter
  29. Christian amusement
  30. Soul vessel for a bug’s ghost
  31. Hypnosis aid for the short
  32. To distract a garage beast
  33. To keep cars from hitting the wall
  34. Tennis ball calibration
  35. Tennis racket calibration
  36. Tennis net calibration
  37. Tuggin’
  38. Emergency sphere
  39. Decoy fruit
  40. Something from the Bible
  41. Vestigial
  42. Air seasoning
  43. Parasite
  44. Motion capture node
  45. Car massager
  46. Like a mezuzah, kind of
  47. Extreme challenge for top sniper
  48. Blood sac
  49. Pus sac
  50. Mystery sac
  51. Bauble for dull child
  52. Placeholder for a chandelier
  53. Bribe for the Garage Creeper
  54. Perch
  55. Leftover decoration from a lean Easter
  56. DIY earthquake alarm
  57. Indicator for nearby gravity wells
  58. Grave marker for a secret king’s skeleton
  59. Constant source for tennis ball smell
  60. To show which way is up
  61. Petting
  62. Sporty pendulum
  63. God of mice
  64. Lightning rod, in case it comes from below
  65. Contemplation

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