The following gentlemen would very much like to show you their bells. Would you be so kind as to afford them this opportunity? It would make them very happy.

A gentleman has requested that he be permitted to show you his bell. Won’t you allow the bell-showing to commence?

This gentleman is anxious to furnish his bells for your estimation. You would be doing him quite a favor if you permitted such a presentation to take place.

These gentlemen want nothing more than the simple joy of showing you their bells, which they have kept so shiny and free of muck for just such an occasion. What would denying them this innocent pleasure accomplish? Nothing. Truth be told, you really ought to allow it.


The gentleman below is quite agitated, as he has heard a terrible rumor that you will forbid him from showing you his bell. Could it possibly be true? Would you be so cruel as to deprive this gentleman of the honor of showing you his bell?

This gentleman is sorry, but his bell is far too large for him to show it to you in person. Please permit the gentleman to display for you a photograph of his enormous and unwieldy bell so that you may at least have some sense of it.


The gentleman does not have long to live. Quick! Let him show you the bell he has devoted his entire life to gently buffing with a fine horsehair brush before he passes on.

The gentleman is camera-shy, but he would still very much like to show you his bell if you would allow it. Will you?