Apparently, these guys couldn’t be bothered to finish their masterpieces, so now it’s on you to pick up the slack. Slap some lips on these things and be done with them.

A nice pair of lips should round out Albrecht Dürer’s portrait of Christ. Why don’t you give it a go?


You can basically see what Rembrandt was going for with this one. Finish the job by slapping a pair of ruby-red lips on the old guy.

It’s a shame that Leonardo da Vinci never got around to finishing The Adoration Of The Magi. Do us all a favor and plop some lips on there for the sake of closure.


Aw, jeez. Guy’s already got lips, but the rest is all incomplete. You know what, smatter some lips around the edges of this bad boy and it’ll be close enough.

Most of this is good to go. Just plop some lips on that sucker in the middle and we’re in business, baby!


Throw some lips on the Sagrada Familia so we can all get on with the rest of our lives.