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Dating can be a scary experience, especially if you’re a young woman who is meeting a total stranger for the first time. Thankfully, though, there are people out there who get that and are trying to help in an amazing way: This nonprofit gives women keys to a different apartment so that they can have a romantic walk home with their date without letting him know where they live quite yet.

Finally! A way to have that first kiss and not reveal your address, just in case the dude ends up being a total stalker maniac!


According to the nonprofit, all women have to do to use its service is contact the company online, and within 24 hours, they will be provided with a key to a fake apartment where their date can park their car, walk them to the door, and gaze into their eyes without giving their date enough information to one day track them down if things ever go south. With dozens of locations around the country, the founders say that the apartments allow women to not just have an amazing kiss at the end of a date, but also drive back to their real homes later, instead of staying up all night having nightmares about the guy they just met going insane and breaking into their apartment a few weeks later.

“Our easy-to-use service makes it simple for women to keep their actual address private in case their date ends up being a real loose cannon,” said Maria Bray, founder and president of the organization. “Should he have a psychotic break and try to return to the place where he kissed you that night, you’re covered. Because whether he quits his job to lurk outside your window or tries to send you a pig heart in the mail, he’s doing that to one of our certified burner apartments, and not you!”

Hell yes! This is incredible news for every woman who wants to date without inviting a potentially violent lunatic into her life!

Additionally, for an extra fee, this amazing nonprofit says it offers a service where a strong-looking employee will be present to wave at your date when you stand at your fake doorstep and pretend that they’re a longtime neighbor. And if your date jumps the fence and starts banging his head on the window after you try to end things with him, the organization will even have that neighbor tell him that you moved to Belgium.


This is a huge win for anyone who likes to enjoy a night out but who isn’t quite yet ready for their date to know which apartment to wait outside of while screaming that he’s going to kill himself when things get bitter. Women everywhere are going to be celebrating this amazing nonprofit for a long time. This is the kind of innovation that makes a difference!

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