Urban legends might feel paranormal, but more often than not, there’s a simple logical explanation: Dracula. So, get ready to have your mind blown with the awesome power of science, because there’s only one undead vampire behind these six famous myths.

1. Sewer alligators

Ah, the legend of the New York City sewer alligators. This famous urban legend dates to the 1930s, when people supposedly started seeing baby alligators pop up through their toilets. Don’t be fooled though, because if you take just a second to think about it, it’s pretty obvious that Dracula and his shape-shifting abilities are 100 percent behind that. The reality is, Dracula can shrink down and make himself extremely long and thin, plus he loves the darkness of the sewer and doesn’t like to be seen when he’s on the hunt for blood. So…alligators? In the toilet? Psh, no way. That’s just Count Dracula.

2. Crop circles


While movie directors and crazy farmers would love you to believe that crop circles are caused by aliens trying to communicate with humans, the answer is actually very, very simple. Dracula, a 600-year-old undead vampire, likely found himself wandering through a cornfield alone and started horsing around. Simply put, should the Prince of Darkness find himself alone on a farm, he’s going to roll around and do several somersaults until the sun comes up, creating 10-acre-long dents in the field. And that’s just a fact.

3. The Loch Ness monster


Well, this one’s easy. Nessie, everyone’s favorite “lake monster” is actually just Dracula taking a dive to suck the blood of some Scottish scuba divers. And all those supposed sightings over the years? Chances are some Scottish fisherman saw the thrashing in the water and assumed it was a kind of aquatic beast, when it was actually Dracula claiming another victim.

4. Werewolves


This isn’t mythology—it’s science. Dracula is a man, and men grow facial hair throughout the day. Considering that werewolves only come out at night, someone most likely mistook Dracula for a werewolf after he forgot to shave one night. It’s boring, yes, but it’s also true.

5. The Lost Cosmonauts


In the late 1950s and early 1960s, rumors swirled of a series of failed Soviet space launches that claimed the lives of several cosmonauts. However, their disappearance wasn’t due to a botched space mission, but rather Dracula, who probably kidnapped these cosmonauts so he could add them to his collection of vampire brides. While the Soviet government was indeed part of a cover-up, it had nothing to do with a failed moon mission, but rather the embarrassment of losing their top cosmonauts to Dracula in the midst of a crucial space race.

6. The Voynich manuscript


One of the most cryptic texts in all of history, plenty of people have their theories about what this transcript’s true meaning could be. The correct one, though? Dracula’s diary. It’s not rocket science! Dracula developed a secret language to keep others, including nosey humans, from reading his most private and intimate thoughts. It might not be the funnest explanation, but the fact is, just like every other urban legend on this list, once again Dracula is responsible.