Channing Tatum visiting a kid at a hospital.

Channing Tatum’s Make-A-Wish visit to 11-year-old Brad Taylor’s hospital room was supposed to be an unforgettable experience, but unfortunately it appears to have hit a minor snag: Channing Tatum is really hitting it off with Brad’s much more charming friend, Alex.

Oof. You’ve got to feel bad for Brad. His best friend’s amazing personality is completely magnetic, and it looks like Channing Tatum just couldn’t resist spending the entire day with him, even though he’s completely healthy.


It’s hard to blame Channing for becoming such fast friends with Alex, who’s much more outgoing and charismatic than Brad, but making Brad sit there while the Hollywood A-lister laughed and chatted with his best friend was just brutal. Channing was only scheduled to hang out with Brad for an hour, but Alex started doing a Jonah Hill impression that had him in stitches and he ended up hanging around the whole afternoon.

Yikes. It was an incredible gesture for Tatum to take the time out of his day to see a sick fan; it just would have been nice if he hadn’t spent most of that time goofing around on the wheelchairs with the sick kid’s much cooler best friend, and it probably would have been better if he hadn’t exchanged phone numbers with Alex right in front of the terminally ill sixth-grader he had originally come to visit.

Channing’s a star with a heart of gold who will do just about anything for his fans, but it looks like he just couldn’t resist leaving a sick kid hanging in favor of his much more likable best friend. If any other celebrities come visit Brad while he’s battling his illness, hopefully he’ll have the foresight to ask Alex to stay home that day, because there’s no way they would spend their time hanging out with Brad when someone as awesome and talented as Alex is around!

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