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Taking A Stand: The National Have Announced They Aren’t Going To Play Their Songs Very Good Until HB2 Has Been Repealed

The civil rights of LGBT people are being threatened in this country every day, and there’s no greater affront to their freedom than HB2, North Carolina’s highly controversial “bathroom bill.” That’s why popular indie-rock band The National are standing up against the hateful law by announcing that they won’t be playing their songs very good until it’s repealed.

What an amazing way to fight for what’s right!

The National announced their stance last week on their Facebook page:


Wow. That’s how you make a statement. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has another powerful enemy to contend with.

The band has already put their money where their mouth is, playing a full set and three encores of mediocre songs to a sold-out crowd in Seattle on Friday. Favorites such as “Bloodbuzz Ohio” and “I Need My Girl” were recognizable, but definitely half-assed. And the fan response was immediate:


Incredible! It’s not often you see musicians put their careers on the line for something they believe in like this. Let’s hope their bravery will inspire others to join them in the fight against discrimination. How long would HB2 last if Bon Iver and St. Vincent joined The National and started phoning in their performances as well?


Keep up the fight, The National! With any luck, soon HB2 will be gone forever, and you can return to playing your songs good once again.

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