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The stars shone bright on the Emmys red carpet last night, but who took home top honors when it came to fire preparedness? Let’s recap some of the fire safety hits and misses on display at Monday’s Emmys.

BEST: Kerry Washington


Oh, yeah! Kerry looks perfect and very ready to nimbly evacuate the premises at a moment’s notice.

WORST: Allison Tolman

This billowing ball-gown skirt is definitely a bold choice from the Fargo actress, considering what an impediment it would be in the event of a fire.

BEST: Julia Roberts


Rock it, Julia! From a fire safety perspective, it’s hard to go wrong with a tube dress.

WORST: Zooey Deschanel


Don’t get us wrong, we’re definitely diggin’ the neon column, Zooey, but no sneakers? Really? That’s a mistake any fire marshal would be quick to point out.

BEST: Lizzy Caplan


With a beautifully cut, flame-retardant Donna Karan Atelier, the Masters Of Sex star made a loud statement: “I’m here, and I have already taken the appropriate precautions in the unfortunate event of a fire.”

WORST: Lena Dunham


What was she thinking?! We’re usually huge fans of the Girls lead’s brash fashion choices, but this is an unmitigated fire safety fiasco by any account.

WORST: Claire Danes


Yikes! Good luck extinguishing that stunning Iace Givenchy gown with the Nokia Theatre burning down.

BEST: Robin Wright

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Yes. Just yes.

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