With college tuition still on the rise, students need to be thriftier than ever before. These quick and dirty tips will help you cut down on your textbook costs.

  • Remember that most textbooks are little more than ideas that exist only in the public consciousness. Close your eyes, focus, and the textbooks will be there, for they always have.
  • Instead of ponying up for the exorbitant price tags on brand new textbooks, purchase older textbooks and use them to bludgeon people who own the latest editions.
  • If you’re looking for a real bargain, download ProfessorReads, the app that connects you with professors in your area who are currently reading your textbook aloud to no one in particular.
  • Don’t forget to buy cursed. You can often get textbooks at 40 percent or even 50 percent off if they are known to be inhabited by a malicious spectral entity.
  • After you’ve finished reading the textbook, slip a photograph of your father weeping into the middle of the book. Then go back to the bookstore and say, “I need a full refund on this book on account of this photograph of my father weeping that I found within its pages.”
  • If you really can’t afford a book, just call the textbook’s publisher and ask it to sell the book at a discounted rate. After all, it’s the pursuit of knowledge—not profit—that drives these companies.
  • Know everything before you get to college.