While so many other coming of age films leave their main characters feeling two dimensional, Call Me By Your Name shines and depicts its main character’s journey to discover his sexuality with both nuance and grace, and doesn’t shy away from portraying the messy parts of love. If you haven’t seen this Golden Globe– and Oscar-nominated film, here’s everything you need to know about Call Me By Your Name.

1. There are numerous times throughout the film where it cuts away from the story to show an elderly Italian man getting talked down to by his wife for spilling Bolognese sauce on his pants.

2. The original cut of Call Me By Your Name clocked in at four hours, 10 minutes because both Elio and Oliver said thank you after every kiss.

3. Sony considered pairing the film with an opening animated short, The Smurfs Go Hawaiian.

4. The film was shot entirely on location in northern Italy except for a brief outer space scene in which astronaut Sally Ride spots Elio and Oliver having sex in a bird bath and nods approvingly.

5. The name referenced in the title is “Frelvis.”

6. The peach that Timothée Chalamet ejaculates into in the movie eventually gave birth to a half peach, half Timothée Chalamet monstrosity that now begs Armie Hammer to kill it every day.

7. The film was shot in a made-up fantasy country called Italy where the land is beautiful and your parents don’t care if you have lots of sex.