Illustration for article titled They Said He’d Never Walk Again. But Who Were They, And Why Were They Saying Stuff About Him?

It’s an amazing story of a man faced with extraordinary circumstances. A diagnosis so daunting, it seemed almost insurmountable.

They said he would never walk again. But who were they, and why were they saying stuff about him?


They said it was impossible. They said his odds were dire. But who exactly was saying this stuff? People who know him, apparently. Friends? Acquaintances? Either way, they said his situation was hopeless.

Also, who is he? Whoever he is, it sounds like he must be really sick. At least according to them. You have to be pretty confident to say something like that about someone. Maybe they’re doctors?

Regardless, we hope he gets better. For now, let’s just hope they’re wrong, or at least overreacting. Whoever it is they are.

Unless he’s a bad guy. Maybe this guy hurt them in some way and that’s why they’re saying this stuff about him not being able to walk again. Who knows? Maybe this guy kicks people all the time for no reason at all. In that case, maybe it’s a good thing that he’ll never walk again. Justice served.


On the other hand, they might’ve just said that stuff about him because they have some weird personal issue with him that we don’t know about. For all we know, he’s a nice guy, and they’re the ones being unreasonable. Trying to scare him by saying he’ll never walk again. What a weird way to get back at someone.

What did he do to make them hate him so much?

But this is all just speculation. At the end of the day, we don’t know who he is, or who they are, or why they said this stuff about him to us. And, honestly, we’re a little annoyed at this whole situation, because we really didn’t ask to get dragged into what is clearly a very personal matter between him and them.


Is this an inspirational story? Hard to say. We don’t have enough details at the moment to determine whether this is heartwarming or not. But you can be sure that we’ll keep you posted if they say any other stuff about him.

In the meantime, please tweet at us if you have any information regarding either them or the man they said would never walk again, and be sure to check back for updates as this incredible story develops!


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