Sudden wealth can destroy people. It seems like every week you see some tragic story about lottery winners unprepared to handle their situation who go bankrupt, become depressed, or worse. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are other people who don’t need riches to ruin them. Other people who manage to do it on their own, without ever winning the lottery.

Other people like Susan Minnicky.

Susan is a real example of how you don’t have to wait around for an unexpected miracle to destroy your whole life. She didn’t rely on blind luck to wreck everything. Instead, she just took it one step at a time, day by day, undermining herself from the bottom up.


You see, Susan has never won the lottery. She’s probably never going to win. But that doesn’t stop her from finding countless little ways to damage every aspect of her life. From her increasingly awful diet and impulsive spending habits to her general disinterest in cultivating any sorts of friendships, Susan is proving she doesn’t need millions of dollars in order to warp her whole sense of reality.

Take Susan’s family situation. No, she’s never had to cope with the pernicious pressures a lottery win can put on a family, but she’s somehow managed to alienate all her relatives in spite of that. Susan constantly fights with her parents about money, her children hate her, and she doesn’t even talk to her sister anymore, all for reasons totally unrelated to any sudden financial windfall—reasons she brought about all by herself!

Sure, Susan might not experience all the emotional pitfalls lottery winners face. But does that mean she isn’t able to make terrible financial decisions? Absolutely not.


For all the stories you hear about lottery winners going on spending binges they never recover from, it seems like what you don’t hear about is people like Susan, who overcome their meager means to use their money just as recklessly and destroy their lives just as vigorously as any lottery winner would.

So, here’s to you, Susan, and to all the Susans out there. Not the special cases who were handed their ignominy by fate’s fickle hand—no. Here’s to the folks who work constantly to ensure that, in some small way, tomorrow will be worse than today!