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When Rachel Hastings took a picture of herself this weekend, she didn’t expect 6 million people to like it and share it on Instagram. Rachel was just snapping a pic of a new skirt, but the internet saw an inspirational girl not afraid to be brave and show off her beautifully unique body. Rachel is not used to such positive attention, because she was born with two completely functional legs!

Despite being born without no legs, Rachel is a stunning, courageous woman who is not afraid to strut her stuff, no matter who’s watching.


“I don’t even think about the fact that I have legs,” Rachel told us. “It definitely isn’t stopping me from buying cute outfits or going out with my friends.”

So brave. Rachel, you’re our hero—overcoming stereotypes, and looking good while doing it!

Keep those leg pics coming, Rachel, because we love you just the way you are! Tweet #CelebrateLegs if you support Rachel!

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