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Touching: This Mom Always Packs Her Son’s Lunch With A Note Reminding Him About The Mysterious Circumstances Surrounding Natalie Wood’s Death

A mother in Newbury, OH named Linda Henderson and her son, Josh, have started sharing a unique tradition that’s so beautiful it’s going to melt your heart. Every day when Linda packs Josh’s lunch, along with the basic PB&J, yogurt, and juice box she includes something really special: a note reminding him about the many mysterious circumstances surrounding actress Natalie Wood’s death in 1981!

Awwww! What an incredibly touching motherly gesture.

“I wanted to give Josh something to look forward to every day at school,” said Linda, “so I started packing him notes about all the things that just don’t add up in the official story behind Natalie Wood’s death. Sending him off to school with one of the many unanswered questions from the case for him to read at lunch is my way of staying connected with him even when we’re apart.”

Linda began including the notes in Josh’s lunch a few months back, and there’s no sign of her slowing down. At first they were just short, handwritten statements or questions, such as, “She was terrified of dark water. Have a great lunch, sweetie!” and, “Hey kiddo, hope school’s going good! Did she catch husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken in bed together?” Eventually, her sweet little notes evolved to include newspaper clippings, printouts of articles, and photographs, such as one of an unidentified woman bearing a resemblance to Wood taken in 1985 with the words, “STILL ALIVE???” scrawled on it in marker.

Can you say “parenting goals”? Just imagine how loved Josh must feel when he unpacks his lunch and finds a thoughtful note from his mom reading, “This one’s pretty kooky, but there’s a theory Wood may have faked her own death by murdering a lookalike who was having an affair with her husband.”

Linda sounds like an incredible mom, and Josh is lucky to have her. Special traditions like this are what motherhood is all about.


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