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Get ready to break out the tissues.

After years of trying to get pregnant by conventional methods, Amy and Steven Morrison decided to go the adoption route. Originally planning to adopt just one child, they were introduced to a pair of inspiring brothers named Jackson and Harry who wanted nothing more than to be adopted together. And when Amy and Steven realized that, they immediately found a kid to adopt with a way less complicated deal instead.


Simply beautiful. Now this is what being a parent is all about.

Having grown up on the streets with only each other, starving and struggling to survive, 8-year-old Jackson and 7-year-old Harry developed an inseparable bond that made it easy for the Morrisons to move on to another child who didn’t have that whole thing going on. As the adoption agent detailed the boys’ harrowing life story, Amy and Steven immediately realized that a different kid would be way less of a headache.

This amazing couple knew that it would be wrong to break up the brothers who had gone through so much together, so it was never a question for them to instead settle on a darling little girl named Allison who had significantly less baggage. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when Amy and Steven officially signed the adoption papers for their new 18-month-old daughter who would always love them the most, not some sibling they had depended on for survival during years in and out of the foster care system and that whole mess.

We applaud Amy and Steven for giving a child a second chance, and we couldn’t be more excited for them to begin their family with their new, complication-free daughter, Allison!


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