Watch A Puppet Show Featuring The Death Of A Marionette That Looks Exactly Like You, And 4 Other Plans For A Perfect Day In Prague

As the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is absolutely packed with amazing history and exciting things to do. If you’ve only got 24 hours to spend in this amazing city, here are the five things you absolutely have to do to make sure you have the perfect day!

1. Overcome the language barrier by non-verbally explaining how Dale Earnhardt died to your hotel concierge: Don’t speak Czech? Don’t worry! Taking the time to explain Dale Earnhardt’s devastating death during the Daytona 500 in 2001 with silent body gestures is a great way to communicate with locals, and maybe even to making a lifelong friend out of your friendly hotel concierge.


2. Watch a puppet show featuring the death of a marionette that looks exactly like you: Once you’re in Prague, you’ll find out pretty quickly that the people there are pretty passionate about puppet shows. Walk down any random street in Prague and you’re bound to run into a crowd of people clapping with delight as a puppet that looks eerily like you is bludgeoned to death by several other puppets who also look somehow familiar. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

3. Try knedlíky, Prague’s strange round loaf for your mouth: Want to try a loaf? Okay. Prague’s got a loaf for your mouth, and it’s strange, round, and just the thing to taste. Just open your mouth and point down your throat, and the closest Czech citizen will quickly launch one of their unusual loafs right into your mouth, Prague-style.

4. Set the Prague Astronomical Clock to Eastern Standard Time: This medieval clock was first installed in 1410, and you’ll be doing you and your fellow American tourists a favor if you reset it for the duration of your trip. They won’t mind. It’s just a clock.

5. Impress everyone at the Charles Bridge by repeatedly spitting off the side and remarking how it’s actually not that high up: The breathtaking view from the Charles Bridge is a must-see for visitors, and while you’re there, you absolutely have to spit off the side over and over again to measure the distance to the water before loudly proclaiming that the bridge really isn’t even that high up. This is a surefire way to prove your fearlessness to the surrounding crowd of people and to immediately become a Prague legend.


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