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We’re Sorry To Inform You That This White Supremacist Struggling To Eat A Giant Burrito Is All Of Us

Okay, please don’t be mad at us. We hate to do this, but we’ve got some bad news that you’re not going to like at all: We’re sorry to inform you that this white supremacist struggling to eat a giant burrito is all of us.


We really regret that we have to bring you this news, but our hands are tied. There’s simply no denying that this neo-Nazi with an epic #BurritoStruggle is each and every one of us. You included. Sorry.

Please do not misunderstand us. We sincerely wish that we didn’t have to be the ones to let you know that this white nationalist with salsa verde staining his shirt due to the unwieldiness of his 3-pound burrito is 100 percent all of us. It’s definitely not ideal that the sight of this violent racist struggling to wrestle with a rapidly crumbling tortilla that barely fits in his mouth is going to make you say, “That is literally me,” but sadly that’s just the way it is.

Yes, this man is a hateful far-right extremist who openly threatens violence against minorities and immigrants, but sadly, in spite of his abhorrent worldview, he has won the internet today because a big pile of guacamole just ruptured out of his gigantic tortilla and got all over his hands, and we all know that feeling. We’re just as upset about it as you are, and telling you brings us no pleasure at all. Still, we have no choice but to inform you that once you see this neo-Nazi using a fork to eat a big pile of rice and tortilla shreds off his tray after his whole burrito falls apart, you will have no choice but to think, “OMG same,” because this bigot is all of us.


Our deepest apologies.

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