Well, This Is Awesome: The Internet Just Kickstarted A New Photo Of The Legendary Robert Redford

Just when you think the internet can’t surprise you anymore, it suddenly busts out something absolutely incredible. It’s happening again this month on Kickstarter, where dozens of strangers are coming together to raise money for a new photo of legendary actor Robert Redford.

Yes please!

The amazing idea was the brainchild of brothers Harry and Brian Halverson of Stamford, Connecticut. “One night my brother and I were talking about how it would be nice for there to be a new photo of Mr. Redford,” said Harry. “We’d seen all of the old photos of him and we just felt like it was time for a new one. That night, we read the instructions on how to set one up and we were off to the races.”


The brothers modeled their campaign after other successful Kickstarters, enticing backers with all sorts of goodies as rewards: $25 will get you a PDF file of the photo, $1,000 will get you a trip to Stamford for dinner with the Halverson brothers, and above $2,000, backers will receive a trip to Santa Monica, California, where Redford was born.

As of the 13th day of the campaign, the Halverson brothers are well on their way to meeting their goal, with $2,305 of their $7,500 target already pledged. Sometimes the internet is a truly glorious place!

The comments from the backers of the project show how enthusiastic the film legend’s fans are to get a new photo of him.


Wow. It’s so cool to see the types of things that can be accomplished when people from all over the world come together online for a common cause. While it remains to be seen if the campaign will be successful, for now it looks like there may soon be a new photo of Robert Redford for his many fans around the world.

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