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What Today’s Stars Would Have Looked Like In The ’90s

The Jack And Triumph Show

Much like it does for the stars of Adult Swim’s ‘The Jack And Triumph Show,’ the march of time impacts all celebrities. How would your favorite famous icons fare if they were sent back to the ’90s? Only these depictions of time will tell!

Channing Tatum’s hunky muscles bring delight to millions of fans, but would his body-charms deliver the same happiness in the ’90s? Yup. They sure would.


What would teen star of today Willow Smith look like in 1997? Pretty cool, if you ask us.

Bradley Cooper seems like he doesn’t age. We couldn’t be sure until we saw what he would have looked like in 1993, and—surprise, surprise—the man DOES NOT age.


How does she do it?! As perfect as Beyoncé is today, everyone can agree Queen Bey is even more perfect in this picture from the ’90s.


George Clooney is one of the biggest movie stars of today, but it’s crazy to imagine him as a ’90s heartthrob.


Wow—just wow: Nobody can match Helen Mirren’s timeless beauty.


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