When This Teacher’s School Couldn’t Afford Supplies, She Bought Them Herself Like Some Kind Of Big Shot

With school budgets tightening across the nation, teachers are having to make do with less. But when cuts at Creekridge Middle School in Oregon, WI meant that classes wouldn’t be receiving all of the supplies they needed, fifth-grade teacher Laura Coolidge used her own money to buy the extra supplies herself, like some kind of hotshot.

As soon as she heard her students would have to deal with inadequate supplies, Laura paraded into class one day like the cock of the walk with all of the lab equipment, books, and computer software that the school’s budget couldn’t cover. She even picked up a few classroom decorations as if she was in fucking Vegas or something.


Even better, none of her students are aware that some of their school supplies were paid for by Laura herself.

“Mrs. Coolidge brought in some big boxes of stuff one day,” said Emily Olson, a 10-year-old student in little Ms. Moneybags’ class. “Her room has some cool games and puzzles that other rooms don’t have, and she lets us stay after school and play with them if we want.”


Incredible. It’s amazing how just one small act of generosity has the potential to change so many lives. There’s no doubt Laura is thinking she’s pretty fucking special right now. She’s definitely gonna get some apples on her desk for this one.

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