You’ve lived inside it your entire life, but did you know how amazing the human body is?

1. The human skeleton contains over 15 bones.

2. The eye can distinguish over 1,000 different spellings of “Caitlin.”

3. The human body can survive up to seven days without going to a water park.

4. This is an MRI scan of two of the brain’s synapses firing in real time:


5. The average human tongue is 9 inches long when flaccid and 15 inches long when erect.

6. When uncoiled, the genetic code of human DNA spells out the screenplay for the Cuba Gooding Jr. film Snow Dogs.

7. Humans share over 50 percent of their DNA with champion snowboarder Shaun White.


8. No human over the age of 18 is capable of seeing this image:

9. During times of extreme duress, the human body is capable of laying a single vulture egg, just in case that will help at all.


10. If you laid your intestines out end to end on the ground, you’d be asked to leave Home Depot.

11. The average person sheds the equivalent of legendary golfer Tom Kite’s head in skin every night.

12. ​Over the course of a lifetime, the average person will have disappointed this many people:



13. Every time a woman’s ovary releases an egg, her body makes a “cha-ching” noise.

14. Running out of sweat is the only way a human body can die.

15. The human body is incredibly big and is often described by scientists as “the most boring thing in the world.”


16. Though human bodies come in all shapes and sizes, scientists have definitively proven that the most desirable human form is the body of Bruce: