Prepare to have your mind blown.

1. Comets are the only celestial bodies that have sex for pleasure.

2. The universe is so big that if you dropped a bowling ball in space, it would take billions of years to reach the bottom.

3. More than 1,300 Earths could fit in Jupiter, and it already has 800 Earths inside it right now.

4. This is what a star looks like when it dies:


5. Using stars as monkey bars is God’s primary means of travel.

6. The sun can go more than four hours at a time without blinking.

7. If you were to hurl a car into orbit, the moon would devour it within seconds.


8. Pluto is so cold that the frozen hamburgers NASA sent there are still good to eat.

9. It is illegal to kiss in space.

10. This is what it looks like when matter gets sucked into a black hole:

Via imgur


11. If the universe was the exact size of Penelope Cruz, our sun would be the mole on her left calf.

12. There are three types of stars: Pleasant Roundies, Small Idiots, and Moroccans.

13. Outer space was considered a planet until 1999, when it was reclassified as what is between planets.


14. You could beat up a goat in space and no one would be able to arrest you.

15. This stunning infrared image shows exactly how the sun generates heat and light:



16. In 1626, Galileo discovered a planet shaped exactly like his own head, and it made him insane.

17. The process by which the sun murders the other stars works the same way as photosynthesis.

18. A light-year is actually a measure of distance, not time, because there are no fucking rules in outer space.


19. The value of the universe is $45,872,594,113.82!

20. While the sight of Earth from space is said to be mesmerizing, all astronauts have confirmed that it is not more beautiful than staring at Bruce: