We won’t soon see their like again.

1. They know that sacrifice isn’t just a word, but a set of meanings associated with that particular word.


2. They ate two raw eggs every morning, two raw eggs in the afternoon, and two raw eggs after sundown, because that’s just what you did.

3. They were 40 feet tall, with long, terrible teeth, and arms thick as a clipper’s mast! And their awful strength was matched only by their appetites!


4. They know that this is the best way to tie a tie:


5. They were married by age 18, had a house by 20, sucked the tongue out of a jackal’s mouth by 23, had their arms and legs ripped off on the radio by 25, and did it all over again by 36.

6. Some of them were named “Leland,” which is wild.

7. They could get under the hood of any car and tell you exactly how they’d fuck it.


8. The previous holder of that title was the generation that came up with the idea for pets, so you gotta think this one’s pretty great.

9. They never threw anything out if they could tuck it under one of their folds.

10. You could kill 100 or even 200 of them, and you still wouldn’t have killed all of them.


11. When it really, really mattered, they put aside differences of race, creed, sex, and nationality to do World War II.

12. They drove the hideous Tasmanian tiger extinct.

13. They’re definitely the last generation to ever witness this in person:


14. Many of them live underground. Pretty impressive!

15. Their ranks include Frank Sinatra, John Travolta’s dad, and Dagwood from Blondie.


16. They never left a man behind. That’s why we have Bruce.


17. They fought for civil rights, but also against civil rights, but they won the fight, but they really tried pretty hard to shut that fight down, so maybe that one’s kind of a wash.

18. They probably invented tarp, the outdoor silk.

19. They learned the kind of dignity and poise that makes this happen when they enter a room:


20. They really need the gratification, so don’t deny them this.