Sometimes celebrities look so much like the human halves of their pet centaurs that it’s seriously eerie! Here are just a handful of Hollywood A-listers who happen to look a heck of a lot like their adorable centaur companions!

1. Leonardo DiCaprio and his pet centaur Gumball Sr.


Here’s Leonardo DiCaprio with his pet centaur, Gumball Sr. They’re absolutely adorable together, and if you take a look, you can see that Leo and the top half of Gumball Sr. look almost EXACTLY alike! It’s kind of eerie, but also kind of adorable? Anyway, Leo, please let us know if we can come over and play with Gumball Sr. sometime. He’s pretty much one of the cutest centaurs we’ve ever seen!

2. Emma Stone and her pet centaur Lulu

Uh… are we seeing double? Emma Stone and her miniature centaur, Lulu, look so much alike that it’s crazy they’re not actually related. Hey, Emma, if you ever wanted to skip out on a day on a film set where they’re only shooting you from the waist up, just send Lulu in your place! Nobody would know the difference, as long as Lulu doesn’t let out one of its low, gravely wails or try to eat the eyes of the production crew with its long serrated teeth!

3. Bill Clinton and his pet centaurs Velvet Charlie and Juicy


If you think there’s something creepy about this picture of Bill Clinton with his two pet centaurs Velvet Charlie and Juicy, you’re not wrong! The human half of Velvet Charlie is pretty much a spitting image of Bill! Juicy doesn’t really look like Bill, but we’re sure Bill loves him anyway!

4. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his pet centaur Charlie The Biscuit


Sadly, The Rock recently had to euthanize Charlie The Biscuit after he mauled a 9-year-old boy who was sneaking around in The Rock’s yard. The Rock was devastated, and you can see why! Both of the human torsos protruding from the horse half of this centaur look creepily similar to The Rock, so you know they must have shared a special connection. It’s always sad when we have to say goodbye to a beloved pet, but hopefully The Rock can look at this picture of his animal doppelgänger and remember happier times!