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The world is full of beautiful places to keep a copy of this 2004 action-adventure film.

1. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


These 120-foot sheer rock faces that plunge into the churning Atlantic below are truly stunning natural jewels, and a great spot to stash a Blu-ray copy of Hidalgo. Whether it’s placed on the lush green fields above or nestled in the rocky shoals below, there’s no wrong choice at this incredible locale.

2. Nailed to the giant sequoia tree General Sherman

The largest single stem tree in the world, the giant sequoia General Sherman is one of nature’s most beautiful creations. Every time you come here to pick up your Blu-ray of Hidalgo, prepare to have the breath taken from your lungs.

3. Atop Ayers Rock


Also known as Uluru, this Australian landmark is already home to more than 50,000 Blu-ray discs of Hidalgo, and for good reason—there’s scarcely a natural rock formation more breathtaking than this one.

4. An undisclosed location


If you’re looking for a more secure place to put your stunning 1080p copy of Hidalgo, hide it away in an awe-inspiring natural treasure of your choosing. A lush meadow; a soaring mountain pass; a long-forgotten brook—no matter where you put it, make sure not to tell anyone.

5. Big Sur


Oh my God, Big Sur is just amazing.

6. Balanced on top of another Blu-ray copy of Hidalgo

Via Touchstone Pictures

Majesty meets majesty. There are truly no words to describe such a stirring tableau, and no equal to it anywhere on this earth.

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