6 Incredible Stress-Reducing Life Hacks That Work Best If You Have Access To Some Sort Of Natural Geyser

Are you feeling a little frazzled? It’s easy to relax if you have access to some type of geyser!

1. Stare At Your Geyser’s Majestic Plume


Anytime life gets you down, just go to your geyser and watch it erupt. It doesn’t have to be Old Faithful…any geyser will do! It’s so soothing!

2. Listen To The Rush Of The Water

There’s something oddly satisfying about the sound of roaring water bursting out of your geyser’s cone. If you don’t have a geyser, you can also turn on your bathroom shower and just listen to that, but a geyser is ideal here.

3. Feel The Steam On Your Face


If you’re at the end of your rope, you need some geyser steam ASAP! For people without a geyser, you can put a warm, damp cloth on your forehead, although the relaxing effect will be much less noticeable.

4. Boil Food In The Geyser


Instead of cooking in a cramped, hot kitchen, prepare dinner using the predictable discharge of superheated water your geyser makes every two hours. You get fresh air and a delicious meal at the same time.

Obviously, this one can just be done at home using a big pot, but at that point, you’re not relaxing at all. What we’re trying to say is, if you really want to relax, you should try to gain access to a geyser.


5. Have A Geyser Party


If you’re in a deep funk, sometimes even your geyser isn’t enough to cheer you up. You need human interaction. Invite your friends over to party around your geyser and watch the water billow up into the azure sky. Sorry, there’s really no way around this one without a geyser.

6. Go To Your Other Geyser


For serious cases of the blahs, visit another one of the geysers you own. Even if it isn’t your most spectacular hydrothermal vent, it’s good to do something different to get out of your geyser rut. You won’t regret it!

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