6 Sex Toys That Look Exactly Like Penises

Via Amazon.com

You won’t be able to unsee this!

1. Crystal Jellies 10” Dildo

Via Docjohnson.com

Sure, this looks like a pretty ordinary sex toy at first, but try examining it just a little closer. We can’t be the only ones who see a striking resemblance to a penis!

2. Double Trouble

Via Katzstores.com

Looks just like a standard-issue double-sided dildo, but just imagine it cut in half, and you might be reminded of something a little sexual.

3. Fantasy Vibe

Via Adameve.com

Nothing wrong with this toy…until you turn it on its side, that is! Then what does it look like? We bet the egghead who designed this one must be hitting himself.

4. John Holmes Realistic Dildo

Via Edenfantasys.com

Perfectly innocent sex toy, right? Nope. Isolate this thing’s silhouette and you might find the very familiar shape of a human penis. This totally ruins the John Holmes Realistic Dildo for us!

5. American Whopper (Strap-On)

Via Amazon.com

When you think about it, don’t people wearing a strap-on kind of look like they have an erect penis? Yikes! You might want to rethink sporting one of these out of the house!

6. Love Botz Sex Machine

Via Ultimatetoys.hostedbywebstore.com

Everyone knows that robots aren’t human, but part of this robot looks very, very human! We’re talking about the pink, thin part that has an undeniable resemblance to a man’s penis. Sorry to break it to you!

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