6 Sexy Updos That, Full Disclosure, Will Slightly Increase Your Risk Of Being Snagged By A Helicopter Dangling A Hook On A Long Rope

Fun and flirty meets sexy and sophisticated. These six updos are guaranteed to win you big style points while only marginally increasing your odds of being snagged by a hook dangling from a helicopter.

1. Double-Knotted Twist


The updo for everyone! Whether those locks are curly, wavy, or straight as can be, this sophisticated look is simple to pull off. However, total transparency here, it also makes you negligibly more likely to be snatched up like loose cargo by a hook dangling from a helicopter.

2. Faux Hawk

If you need a sexy look ASAP, then bust out the bobby pins! This amazing updo is fun, fierce, and generally pretty safe to wear outside, even with your ever-so-slightly higher statistical odds of being snagged by a hook swinging from a helicopter and then carried, screaming, through the air.

3. Chignon


Who says easy means boring? In just five minutes, even the fussiest hair can be pinned into a creative updo that instantly becomes the focal point of any head-to-toe look as well as an exceedingly mild safety hazard that could in theory loop right onto a helicopter’s dangling hook, causing your body to be carried away to a shipyard.

4. Inside-Out Ponytail


The truth is that if they aren’t transporting cargo, most helicopter pilots will actually wind the hook back up for safety reasons. However, to say there’s no chance at all that flipping your boring old ponytail into a sexy work of art can result in your being picked up by a helicopter’s dangling hook would be to assume there’s never a breach in protocol. In the end, that’s just not true.

5. Spiral Textured Bun


It’s easy, it’s sexy, and, yes, it’s a fraction of a percent more likely to end up on a dangling hook than a down-do. So, just in the interest of covering all our bases, we recommend you only wear this look indoors.

6. Front Twist


The front twist is proof positive that effortless can still be electric. A twist to the front, a twist to the back, and voilà! Provided you cover your head at the sound of helicopters and avoid construction zones, industrial parks, open fields, and rail yards, you’re in for a glamorous, practically risk-free night on the town!

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