Forgot to pack a book for your eight-hour plane trip? No problem. These diverting in-flight activities will make those hours on the plane seem like minutes!

1. Telephone: Kill a few minutes by seeing how crazy a simple sentence can get when all 300 passengers on your flight have relayed it through whispers.


2. Sing-Along: Nothing passes the time quite like a song. Choose a popular one everyone on the flight knows, or go with a traditional air travel tune such as “Flying In The Sky” or “My Old Auntie’s Aeroplane.”

3. The Wave: Have someone go up to the front of the cabin to coordinate this simple in-flight pastime. Have the lefthand first row stand up and raise their arms in the air, followed by the second row and so on, all the way to the back, then progressing forward along the righthand side. If everyone pays enough attention, it will keep going without needing to be restarted. Watch your head!

4. Musical Chairs: While away the hours by walking up and down the aisles to music the captain plays on the speakers. Make sure there aren’t quite enough seats by blocking off the exit rows, then when the music stops—quick, find a chair! Last ones standing are “out” and have to go all the way to the back. Repeat this process until only the winner remains—you can let him or her choose the music for the next round.


5. Sharks and Minnows: Select three or four passengers to be “sharks” trying to catch the “minnows” as they rush from the cockpit to the back of the plane. A minnow touching a window is considered “safe,” but when you’re in the aisle, look out for those sharks!

6. Capture the Flag: This classic game works better on larger planes. Divide the group into two teams, spread out and assign each side a flag (could be a pillow or backpack) and a jail (usually a bathroom). Win by carrying the flag to your half of the plane without getting tagged, or by imprisoning the entire opposition.

7. Talent Show: A big talent show is the perfect way to fill the flight’s last couple hours, as you and your fellow passengers show off your special skills, laugh together, and think back on all the memories you’ve made.