Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.

Sigh. Why even go online when our news feeds are these same posts over and over? Here are seven shapes that are ruining the internet.

1. Hexagon


No one needs to see this. Please, please stop posting images of hexagons like you just had some kind of revelation. We’ve all seen hexagons before. Every one of us. In our news feeds, constantly, for the last year.

2. Oval

You think you’re being original and interesting, but you’re not. These are finished.

3. Double Rhombus


Yeah, we all have that friend. The one who fires this into the Twittersphere and just waits for the retweets to roll in. We all see what you’re doing. And it needs to end.

4. Trapezoid


A year ago, maybe we’d understand if you posted a trapezoid photo on Facebook. Now, it makes us want to blow our brains out. Stop. Just stop.

5. This Shape


Okay, what is the actual point of this shape? People who post it are irritating, but anyone who ponies up the obligatory likes is even worse.

6. Cool Oval


Nope, sorry. Not cool. This is just another oval. And it’s super played out.

7. Triangle


Just give up.

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