7 Tips For Smart Urban Cyclists

There are plenty of advantages to riding your bike around, but traversing a chaotic urban jungle can take some getting used to! Here are a handful of smart tips that are good to keep in mind before you hit the road.

1. Make yourself known at night: If you’re planning on biking somewhere at night, it’s always a good idea to announce yourself to drivers by shooting off a quick email to the group cars_all@gmail.com approximately 10 minutes before you leave the house.


2. Have a spotter: No matter when you’re riding, it’s definitely a good call to have a friend run alongside you so he or she can catch you if you fall.

3. Keep a baby visible at all times: Before heading out, strap a baby to the back of your bicycle so cars are extra careful when driving next to you.

4. Always ride embedded in a flock of body doubles: Cycling in the middle of a large formation of people who look exactly like you will make it difficult for cars to figure out which one of you they’re supposed to run over.

5. Spring for the accessories: Make sure you shell out for two extra wheels, a roof, windows, a V4 engine, and six-passenger leather seating. For serious cyclists, they’re seriously worth it.


6. Herd the cars: Keep in mind that as a cyclist, it’s your duty to herd all the cars. Watch over your flock and protect them from harm.

7. Allow motorists and other cyclists to pass you when you’re sprawled out on the pavement after getting slammed by a hit-and-run driver: Always remember that taking up one or more lanes with your battered body and shattered bicycle after someone took a left turn into you and immediately drove away just isn’t very considerate.


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