Some say video games are a waste of time, but they’re clearly not in the know. We’ve found that gaming actually holds the most profound life lessons—the cheat codes of life, if you will.

1. Don’t neglect the left trigger: This one should really hit home. We get so distracted by work, friends, and family that we forget the left trigger even exists. Well, it does, and it matters. Wow.


2. Be careful where you respawn: Just like in the gaming world, when you’ve taken heavy fire from a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and temporarily cease to exist, make sure you don’t come back to life right next to another hostile force. Classic everyday situation solved—thanks, video games!

3. Adjust the difficulty before you start to play: If you’re having problems getting promoted at work or winning the heart of your true love, just restart your game on a lower difficulty level. Sure, you’ll have to be a baby again for a while, but you’re a gamer—you can handle the grind.

4. Camping may boost your kills-to-deaths ratio, but it’ll destroy your street cred: While it’s easy to stand in one place and pick off easy targets, you’ll gain more respect from your peers if you move around the map once in a while. This is pivotal to keep in mind, particularly if you plan on running for public office someday.


5. Sometimes there’s no greater thrill than finding a med kit when your life is under 10: While it’s exciting to carpet-bomb an enemy enclave or defeat the invading hordes in a final showdown, the little things that happen along the way can provide just as much pleasure. So deep; so beautiful.

6. If all else fails, pull the cartridge out and blow in the slot: Life got you down? Take a page from the gaming world by traveling to the Grand Canyon, locating the immense jet-black monolith that God used to encode all that we know as reality, removing it from its socket, and then flushing the slot with air to remove any obstacles in your life.

7. You can often see more with an isometric view than with a basic top-bottom or side-to-side perspective: An invaluable principle that so often goes overlooked. If more people chose an isometric view on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, maybe we’d know whether there was a second shooter. Ponder that for a while.


Brought to you by The Elder Scrolls Online