Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.

Dude, you’re better than this.

1. Dirty clothes all over your room


You’re not in college anymore! Throw your clothes in a hamper; don’t just let them pile up on your bedroom floor for weeks.

2. Marilyn Monroe’s dress


What are you: a Planet Hollywood, or a mature adult? Get that framed dress off the wall.

3. Your father’s bones


Come on, you’re never going to use these. It’s time to give them away.

4. Giant mound of snow


Your days of piling up snow in the living room are long over. Be a man and make dozens of tiny piles.

5. Mirror that shows how you die


Nobody wants to be the geezer still holding onto his accursed mirror.

6. Lamp



7. 10,000 clay soldiers


Maybe you got away with this when you were 24, but now it’s time to shape up.

8. Other you


You can’t go crying to the Other You every time you have a problem. You’re not a child, and you don’t need a second body to do all the work for you.

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