8 Things That Only ‘True Blood’ Fans Will Understand

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Has the final season of ‘True Blood’ got your blood pumping? Here are eight things you’ll probably only understand if you’re a ‘True Blood’ fan:

1. This Guy

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Who is this guy? A True Blood fan would probably know.

2. This Lady’s Deal

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She looks kind of evil, but it’s hard to tell if you haven’t seen the show. This is the kind of thing where being a part of True Blood’s dedicated fan community would definitely come in handy.

3. Whatever Is Happening Here

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Is this good, what’s happening here? Bad? Good? Someone who watches a lot of True Blood would probably get it right away, but out of context, this just looks sort of nuts.

4. Wait…What Just Happened?

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Are we 100 percent sure this is from True Blood? A real “Truebie” might be able to confirm this for us, we assume.

5. Whether Or Not This Is A Spoiler

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If it’s a spoiler, sorry about that. The show has been on for what, six, seven seasons though? So maybe it’s only a spoiler if you’re only just now getting on board the TB bandwagon. We were pretty upfront about this list being for True Blood fans.

6. If This Is Supposed To Be Sexy Or Funny Or…?

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Or gross? Or tragic? Only a dyed-in-the-wool True Blood fan could look at this .GIF and, at a glance, use his or her knowledge of the show to create a context for it, and to get across a general idea of what moment is captured in these images and its significance.

7. Whether This .GIF Is From ‘True Blood’ Or Not

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It was with a bunch of the others, but this one looks like it might be from Saturday Night Live or something. True Blood fans, weigh in.

8. This

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We got nothin’ for this.

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