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Awesome! Philips Just Released A Line Of Light Bulbs That Are So Dim You Won’t Be Able To See All Of The Mice Rummaging Through Your Home

Rodents: They’re every homeowner’s worst nightmare. They can be tenacious, but thankfully a new product just hit the market that can help you deal with them once and for all. Philips has just released a line of light bulbs dim enough that you won’t be able to see any of the many mice rummaging through your home!

Um, yes please!

The new light bulb, which has been dubbed the Philips Vermiglow, is designed to emit such little light that anyone with a rodent infestation will be unable to see the many pests skittering along their floors. A recent television commercial for the product shows a man, who after seeing a family of mice in his kitchen, installs the light bulb, and then proceeds to eat his barely visible dinner in the dark, looking relieved.


“Embrace the darkness with Philips’ first ever low-powered, pest-obscuring light bulb,” says a voice-over in the new Philips commercial. “With our extra dim glow, you won’t be able to see anything below your knees, including vermin. What you can’t see can’t scare you. That’s our guarantee.”

For anyone with an infestation of any kind, this is great news: The bulbs can also be used to obscure all types of rodents as large as rats, as well as small insects, and is capable of emitting its very dim light for up to 10 years. The 5-watt, Energy Star–certified bulb also emits a low humming noise that can block out the skittering of mice in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom!

Nice! The new light bulb from Philips might not be for everyone, but it definitely seems like a great thing to have around, just in case. Here’s hoping we never have to use one!

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