Beautiful: The CEO Of Firestone Tires Surprised A Sick Child In The Hospital And Showed Her Pictures Of The 2017 Tires Months Before Their Release

Ever since 9-year-old Alexa Perry was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in March, life has been tough. Fortunately, someone amazing is looking out for her. When the CEO of Firestone Tires heard Alexa’s story, he surprised her by showing up at the hospital with dozens of exclusive photos of the company’s entire 2017 tire lineup.

What an amazing gesture!

The rest of us will have to wait until next July to see these tires, but thanks to the incredible generosity of Firestone CEO Gary Garfield, Alexa got a special advance peek on Tuesday. According to Alexa’s parents, Garfield entered the ward totally unannounced carrying a large briefcase containing what he called “a glimpse of the future of American tires.”


Garfield then had the hospital room cleared to make sure that the photos of Firestone’s tire offerings were for Alexa’s eyes only. Staying for a full hour despite his busy schedule, he was able to give Alexa detailed descriptions of the tread life, fuel efficiency, and all-weather performance for the full range of tires set to be released under the Firestone brand next year.

“Alexa has been incredibly brave and strong. I’m so glad I could share these tire design specs with her,” said Garfield. “Usually you’d have to be an industry insider to get this kind of advance info, but in Alexa’s case, we were happy to make an exception and show her some pictures of slick road tread patterns that no one outside of Firestone headquarters has seen before.”

Wow. Thanks to this CEO’s kindness, Alexa now knows more about Firestone’s tires than just about anyone. Kudos to Firestone for doing their part to make this youngster’s day very, very special.

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