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Heartbreaking Innocence: This Middle School Kid Doesn’t Realize That You Can 100% Lie Playing Never Have I Ever

Growing up is a tough experience, but sometimes, kids can just be too innocent for their own good. One young man named Dan Brister, unfortunately, knows that all too well: This middle school kid doesn’t realize that you can 100 percent lie playing Never Have I Ever.

Ugh. You gotta feel for Dan. This is the kind of thing you absolutely hate to see.


Just a few minutes into his friend’s 13th birthday party, sources say that Dan was unwittingly pulled into a game of Never Have I Ever and immediately put a finger down when someone said, “Never have I ever had a crush on someone in this room.” Sadly, even though half the room was totally lying, innocent little Dan still didn’t get the memo, and kept putting finger after finger down after people said they’d never eaten a booger, never gotten a boner at school, and never seen their parents naked.

Damn, Dan’s face is turning bright red, and you can tell he doesn’t want people to think he’s a spaz, but he’s still playing the game 100 percent earnestly. This is just heartbreaking.

What’s worse, after putting down his finger for “never have I ever shit my pants,” Dan reportedly tried to cut the tension by telling the whole story about how he got sick driving home from Yellowstone and his dad made him shampoo out the car afterward. And worst of all, Dan outed himself as a lip virgin while his crush sat just three feet away, even though everyone thought he’d kissed them at a different party during 7 Minutes In Heaven.

Jesus, Dan.

Man, this kid is playing this game so honestly that it’s almost unbearable to watch. Let’s hope he catches on soon or someone’s mom calls everyone upstairs so the game finally comes to an end!


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