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Want to hear about something really impressive? If so, than you’d better buckle up. Peter DeSanto might look like your average Joe, but believe us when we say that he’s the furthest thing from it. Peter is already a dedicated husband and an amazing father, but on top of that, this incredible guy is able to love two women at the same time!

Um, yes. Just yes.

That’s right! Peter doesn’t just love one woman; he’s able to love two women—his wife Angie and his coworker Veronica—at the exact same time. Peter may have been married to his wife for 10 years, but that hasn’t stopped him from falling deeply in love with a female accountant who he works closely with in his office. Now, no matter how much he cares for his high school sweetheart Angie, he always makes sure to love Veronica just the same.


And as if Peter wasn’t impressive enough, he’s had feelings for Veronica for over a year now, and his wife doesn’t even know! Loving one woman is hard enough on its own, but how many guys could find it in themselves to love a second woman at the same time, especially with two kids at home? What a guy!

Wow. Peter’s got us like:

via giphy
via giphy

Oh, baby!

So, does this guy have room for more love, or is that it for old Peter? Well, word on the street is that he’s got his eye on one of his children’s old kindergarten teachers! And while we aren’t getting our hopes up too high, we sure hope it’s true.


Peter, if you’re reading this: You’re amazing. Keep it up!

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