Incredibly Modest: Barack Obama Still Hasn’t Told Any Of His Friends Or Family That He Won The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

If you thought you missed having Obama in the White House before, you’re really going to miss him after you read this.

We all know POTUS 44 has a well-earned reputation of being a humble, grounded guy, but he just took it to another level: Obama still hasn’t told any of his friends and family that he won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.


Wow! You’d need a microscope to find this guy’s ego!

In the nine years since receiving one of the most prestigious awards in the world, Obama has remained coy and down to earth about his amazing achievement, stashing the vaunted medal in his bathroom closet under some towels that no one ever uses. Nobody would have faulted Barack if he had boasted a bit, either by letting foreign leaders hold the award during Oval Office photo ops or casually wearing it to a White House press briefing and then saying, “Oh, this? Must have forgotten I was wearing the Nobel Peace Prize that I won,” after being asked about it. But Obama is one guy who never lets hubris get the better of him.

Taking his humility to another level, Obama didn’t even alert Vice President Joe Biden that he was traveling to Stockholm to accept the award back in 2009 and instead claimed to be heading overseas to meet with the Swedish ambassador, not wanting Joe to think that he was fishing for compliments or a celebratory dinner. And when Michelle recently found the award and asked Barack what it was, he deflected the attention by claiming it was just a little thing he got a few years back and it was not that big of a deal.

Talk about being modest!

Barack Obama will go down not only as a great president but an exceptionally humble human being as well. He may be pretty self-effacing, but he still deserves a big round of applause!


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